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Authors: Benedict Lim,

Chief Psychologist BA (Psych) MSocSci (Counselling)

Maria Plengsangtip,

GM & Consultant Psychologist BSocSci (Psych) 
MA (Applied Psych)


Number of pages: 8


Emotional Intelligence popularly known as EQ is the X factor that determines whether you can be looked upon as a Leader who can steer the corporate ship in a robust manner. EQ is not about being nice or touchy-feely. It is about being smart with emotions at the workplace.

Luckily, one doesn't have to born with this facet; EQ can be developed and improved on over time.  Leaders with high-level of Emotional Intelligence are proven to be able to create an effective work environment where people management and conflict resolution can be achieved easily. EQ gives leaders the tools to identify their specific emotional intelligence developmental regardless of sales processes, industry type, deal complexity and types of products or services (B2B or B2C).

If you are a professional wondering how you can carve out a leadership role for yourself in the organisation OR If you are an organisation looking for an HR tool that helps increase productivity and profits then this Emotionally Intelligent Leaders eCourse is what you need.

Created by Singapore Psychologists with over 13+ years Psychological Consulting experience in diverse settings and Well-Being Strategies, this eCourse or eBook reveals the performance advantage of individuals with greater EQ over technical skills. 

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