NODMA Advocates Program

You are a passionate and innovative educator, looking for new and creative ways to improve your science teaching practice - whether in elementary, middle, or high school.

You want to provide immersive experiences, use storylines, narratives, or adventures to engage and make science relevant for your students.

You are keen to harness educational technology, but with simplicity and pedagogy at its core.

You believe in community building and collaborating with other educators from around the world.

You are in the right place. We have created this program for NODMA users like you!

As a NODMA Advocate, you will receive the following:

FREE subscription to the NODMA suite of tools, for a period of 1 year including:

  • Writer, for creating dynamic and engaging learning experiences for students
  • Classroom, for sharing what you create with your students (integrated with Google Classroom)
  • Reader, for a simple way to use your creations online
  • Collection of hundreds of Science Interactive objects which you can incorporate into your Writer creations
  • Library of over 70 (and growing) pre-crafted Science units which you can use immediately or adapt for your class using Writer

* Exclusive Advocate membership is on condition of candidates completing the required Advocate trainings.

Regular Support in the form of professional learning and coaching to help you get the most out of the NODMA resources

Insider Access to Amdon’s subject matter and pedagogical experts

Networking opportunities with educators from around the world

Platform to share your Writer creations and receive Writer creations with other NODMA Advocates worldwide


As a start, we will provide you with professional learning opportunities and guide you in using NODMA Writer to create your first digital lesson, which you can distribute to your students using Classroom. We promise it will be easy and fun!

Next, you will share the product you have created with the NODMA community. You will also have access to the products other teachers have created. This is a cornerstone of the NODMA community.

We would also invite you to share your experience with using NODMA with other educators. This can be in the form of a short video, or a social media post.

Finally, if you want your school or colleagues to come onboard NODMA, we will be very happy to support you in this effort.

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