Science Werkz is a line of award-winning offline interactive educational science solutions that may be accessed on the phones, tablets, or computers of its users.

Consisting of 31 titles that feature informative videos, animated drawings for learning, checkpoints, main points, concept map, diagrams, summary questions and interactives to encourage critical-thinking, Science Werkz tackles General Science, Chemistry, Earth Science, Life Science/Biology, and Physical Science topics.

Winner of the 2013 EDDIE Award for Science Apps in the Upper Elementary and Middle School categories, the subscription-based science apps may be used by educators for classroom learning or by parents and students for self-paced learning at home. Among the bestselling Science Werkz titles include Acids & Alkalis, Cells, Electricity 1, Earth & the Solar System, Earth's Landforms, Intro to Science 1, Nutrition in Humans, Time Rate & Speed, Transmission of Heat, Weather & Climate and many more

31 products