Nodma Earth Day 2018 Promo | 50% off!


With Earth Day 2018 coming up, Nodma, the e-learning app with no limits has decided to launch its Nodma Earth Day Promo and offer 50% discount to those who will purchase selected coursewares for the whole month of April 2018. The featured offerings are science apps hailing from the Science Werkz Collection that are related to the upcoming Earth Day celebration. 

Science Werkz is a line of award-winning offline interactive educational science solutions that may be accessed on the phones, tablets, or computers of its users.

Consisting of more than 25 best-selling titles that feature informative videos, animated drawings that support learning, checkpoints, main points, concept map,diagrams, summary questions and interactives to encourage critical-thinking, Science Werkz tackles General Science, Chemistry, Earth Science, Life Science/Biology, and Physical Science topics.

Winner of the 2013 EDDIE Award for Science Apps in the Upper Elementary and Middle School categories, the subscription-based science apps may be used by educators for classroom learning or by parents and students for self-paced learning at home.  

 The 4 e-learning apps that will have limited-time-only Earth Day promo discounts include Science Werkz Earth & the Solar System, Science Werkz Weather & Climate, Science Werkz Electricity 1, and Science Werkz Earth's Landforms

Science Werkz Earth & the Solar System is a courseware that teaches about the  Earth and the Solar System teaches about Solar System, Earth’s Revolution, Earth’s Rotation, Nature of Earth, and the Moon’s Phases. 
Science Werkz Weather & Climate is a courseware that teaches   about Difference between Weather and Climate, Measuring and Calculating Temperature and Rainfall, Wind Direction, Weather and Climate Variations, Distribution and Characteristics of Three Major Climate Types, and Positive and Negative Effects of Weather and Climate to People.
Science Werkz Electricity 1  is a courseware that teaches about  Defining Current, Potential Difference and its Units, Drawing and Interpreting Circuit Diagrams, and Setting up Circuits containing Sources, Switches, Lamps, Resistors, Ammeters and Voltmeters.   
Science Werkz Earth's Landforms is a courseware that teaches about  Different Landforms in the Earth’s Surface, Positive and Negative Effects of Landforms in Humans, Internal Structure of Earth, Crustal Movements, and Formation of Volcanoes and Fold Mountains.
For those who can't decide between the 4 ebook apps and want access to more coursewares, then purchase complete access to more than 25 science apps valid for 1 whole year with Science Werkz Collection, which is also discounted at 50% off for a limited time only. For more info on the Nodma Earth Day Promo 2018, click here

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