Must-Try Tips to Keep Your Mind Sharp



Regardless of age, memory lapses can occur when we least expect it at any time of the day and on moments when we're trying to recall where we've placed certain things or in trying to recall past events that have happened. Although this may seem normal, sometimes these symptoms may also be signs of an underlying mental health conditions such as dementia. Below are must-try tips to keep your mind sharp: 


Believe in your mind. 

  • As discussed in "The Secret", you attract what you think. So if you are always thinking that you are getting old and that your memory is starting to fail, then it just might happen to you. Turn around your outlook and start believing that you can improve your mind's functions and you just might. 

Get physical. 

  • According to studies, regular aerobic exercise is not only good for the heart, lungs and body but also for the brain. Try to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity everyday to keep your mind fit and healthy. 

Continue learning

  • Keep your memory sharp by having an active mind. Challenge your brain with mental exercises, keep on learning and reading new books such as the interactive ebooks featured in Nodma, and start a hobby you're interested in which can further improve your mind and strengthen your memory. 

Eat right.  

  •  Eat foods that are rich in fiber instead of choosing sweets and white starches. These foods are slower to digest and can therefore provide a more steady supply of energy to the brain. It is also best to avoid overindulging which can lead to sluggish mental function and too much dieting which can lead to confusion and memory lapses. 

Use tools to aid your memory.

  • To be able to remember important things, get help from a simple pen and paper and make the most out of planners, calendars, notebooks, address books, etc. to help you in remembering details such as someone's birthday, where you placed your keys, etc. This way, you'll have more space in your mind for remembering things that really count. 

Get enough rest. 

  • Not having enough sleep can lead to depression as well as difficulty in thinking and learning new things. Research also found that poor sleep may be related to decline in the cognitive process later in life. 

With these must-try tips, you are ensuring that your mind will stay sharp and will be less prone to decline. Keep on reading and keep on learning!


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