Must-Try Online Learning Platforms for 2018

Today's educators have simplified teaching through online learning platforms. With a multitude of choices ranging from corporate to scholarly, open-source and cloud-based, the market for online training/online education continues to grow at a steady rate. 

Below are some online learning platforms you must try for 2018 whether you are a student thirsting for knowledge, an employee willing to expand your skills or an individual looking to gain fulfillment through getting additional education: 



- Udemy is an online learning platform that offers 30,000 courses to 7 million students with 16,000 trainors. Among the courses offered include GraphQL with React, Online Japanese, Professional DJ-ing, Basic Photoshop, Advanced CSS, JavaScript, Persuasion Masterclass, Reiki Energy Healing, Fiverr Freelancing Course and more.



- Pagewerkz is an eLearning platform that can enable e-learning to take place even offline, yet enables synchronization of feedback and submissions to the cloud even when there is intermittent Internet connection. It transforms books from physical to digital on multiple platforms that are dynamic, interactive, and –  functional offline. 


Expertus One



- Expertus One is a learning management system platform that caters to large enterprises specifically energy and utilities, manufacturing, retail and technology. Its key features include chats during online sessions, voice search and extension of help whether as an individual or as a group. 


Adobe Captivate Prime 


- Adobe Captivate Prime is another learning management system that allows tracking of student progress. Among its key benefits include scheduling reports, announcements, email notifications, and reminders for its learners, importing user details from HRMS or other applications, such as SFDC, into Adobe Captivate Prime, moving students between external groups,  promote students to group managers and importing user details from other systems directly into Adobe Captivate Prime using an FTP server. 





- Coursera is an online learning platform that provides free courses from leading universities and professors. It features a community of students, provides video lessons and gives online education. 




- Scitent has a learning management system that offers eLearning business designed for attracting new learners as well as members. It sells courses directly to new consumers or via partners, resellers or other distribution networks. 

These are just some of the best online learning platforms for 2018. Give these online learning platforms a try and open yourself to a world of learning possibilities! 

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