E-Learning Musts for Every E-Book Publisher/Author

The world of e-learning is steadily growing. As more educators, parents, teachers and students seek out digital learning tools that can facilitate better absorption of lessons at the least amount of time possible, here is a helpful guide on how to make each e-book you publish a smashing success:

1) Make it relevant.

Create coursewares that are custom tailored to suit the students' needs. Identify problems in learning and always remember that your readers/target audience is here because they thirst for the knowledge you will share to them.

Try to create ebooks on topics that will help them develop skills for real life situations or which they can use to make significant changes in their lives.

2) Tap into curiosity and motivation.

Always go for curiosity and motivation as emotions you can tap into for inspiration. When people are highly interested and having fun, it is easier for them to read and be engaged in your e-book. Make use of good graphics and videos to make it more engaging. 聽

3) Provide great content.

It's important to ensure that content is not just engaging but also easy to understand and follow. Great content should keep its readers interested from start to finish. It needs to be straightforward and helpful. Don't provide general information. Provide insights and how the readers may use the information you've given them so that they can apply it in their lives.

4) Make it user-friendly.

To be able to determine if your e-content is user-friendly, here's a checklist of requirements:

  • Easy to read
  • Easy to navigate
  • The student's progress is easy to track
  • There are engaging activities after the lessons which can confirm whether the student has absorbed the info.
  • The external links, videos, and games are easy to access

These are just basic e-learning tips. If you want free consultation on publishing your e-book, contact Pagewerkz here.

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