Curiosity Kills the Cat: What’s with Deep Web and why it is a thing

Imagine that there are two fishing vessels in the ocean. One boat is used for recreational and inshore fishing that is usually found in calm and shallow waters whereas another is meant for offshore boat fishing.

Compare the distance of the two boats from the shore, as well as the amount of harvest that they get. Obviously, the commercial fishing vessel would attain a larger harvest because it went to the deeper part of the ocean. The deeper the surface, the more harvest. The same analogy would be appropriate to use with regards to the topic of deep web. One boat would stand for the surface web and the other one would be for the deep web.

Only 1% of the content in the surface web can be accessed through the search engines that we use today such as Google and Yahoo!, it is actually believed that the deep web is 500 times larger than the surface web.

As many of us are already considered tech-savvies who know and understand a lot about advanced and modern technology, this article would be all about the darkest and deepest parts of the internet that we may not know of or have not yet encountered since the advent of technology.

There is a need to know and understand the nature of deep web since as individuals who have always been exposed to various softwares, social media sites, and technology advancements, it is indeed important for us to be responsible in using the Internet by being aware of the dangers and precautionary measures that go with it.


Nature of Deep Web

Contents found in the Internet are indeed larger than what we expect it to be; one indication of its unfathomable vastness is the Deep Web.

Deep web considered as part of the Internet that is not accessible through default browsers that we use such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It requires a unique and specific browser like Tor or The Onion Router which is operated through overlay networks that enable anonymity and confidential Internet communication. Tor browser uses the Onion Routing technology that enables messages and data to be encrypted and layered in nodes, like that of an onion. This technique provides a complete anonymity and privacy for anyone who wishes to access deep web sites without going through traffic and security analysis.

In addition, most internet users access the deep web for illegal activities and procedures. Upon, entering the deep web, internet users usually look for the Hidden Wiki, which is considered as the “homepage” of the deep web wherein popular commonly used sites are found. Most deep web sites run random URLs and links that is why it is not easily accessible for the public. Conspiracies and government secrets by “whistle blowers” who post photo evidences and theories are usually found in the “less deep” parts of the deep web. Furthermore, drug dealers usually do their illegal trade in deep web sites because it is more accessible. Simply post your items and your costumers will just have to click on their chosen items then pay through bitcoins, which are considered efficient and convenient for illegal transactions in the deep web because identities are concealed, and the underground economy is beyond the control of the government.

Deep web sites are also considered as a haven of counterfeited bank accounts wherein people could buy stolen Paypal accounts for a lesser price. Visitor could also use Torflix where they could stream unlimited number of movies and series without having to pay for a monthly subscription rate.


Deep Web vs. Dark Web

Deep web, however, differs from the Dark web which is considered as the online black market. Dark web is considered as a small part of the deep web which mostly comprises of most controversial and illegal transactions online. Simply imagine that the deep web is the bigger umbrella and the dark web is just a part of it. The online black market mostly allows users to buy and purchase guns and weapons that are being sold by several dark web site administrators, through the use of bitcoins. Paid hitmen and hackers also exist to “have the job done” for other costumers.


Deep Web Controversies

Considering its original and perceived nature, various controversies have surrounded deep web before. In February 2011, Silk Road was launched as the first online black market in the dark web which was used for illegal drug trade. Cannabis, LSD, and Cocaine were some of the drugs sold in the site from a number of 10, 000 vendors in 2013. In that same year, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Ross William Ulbricht under the pseudonym of "Dread Pirate Roberts," to which led to the shutting down of the black market site. In February 2015, Steven Chase was found guilty for being the administrator and moderator of Playpen, a child pornography dark website. With multiple counts of child pornography and exploitation, he was sentenced 30 years in prison.

While it is important to know a lot of things surrounding the internet, it is also of great significance to be weary of the parts of it that may seem controversial and dangerous. The nature of the deep web makes these felonies impossible to regulate, that is why it has been a haven for criminals like hackers and sexual offenders. We could also search for the things that spike our curiosity but as a piece of advice, it is best to actually just stay off the deep web and the dangers that go with it.


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